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Committee Members

James Walton

Vice Chairman:
Steve Walsh

Claire Walsh

Adam Cooper

Press Secretary:
James Walton

Website Admin:
Lucas Walton

Jeramy Price, Claire Walsh, Richard Mainprize & Chris Turner

Committee Members :
James Walton, Steve Walsh, Claire Walsh, Jane Walton, Rachael Simpson, Alex Hutchinson, Janet Walker, Gemma Walker, Lucas Walton, Eleanor Simpson, James Simpson, Daniel Sykes, Sarah Sykes, Fran Sherburn, Connor Sherburn, Philippa McEnroe, Andrea Nelsey, Olivia Nelsey, Jeramy Price, Conner Broughton, Graham Parnell, Richard Mainprize & Clare Dobson

Should anyone wish to get in touch with GYAC for any reason, then please do not hesitate to ring Claire Walsh on 01405 839744.